Peace is better than chocolate


I am a 40-something-year-old sugar addict. I was fat for most of my life. Now I am not. I have eating disorders that range from compulsive eating to bulimia, as well as body dysmorphia. My eating has been under control for over fifteen years now, and I do not eat sugar. But this is not a blog about how to lose weight or even how to deal with food issues. I am not promoting a specific diet or food program. This blog is about the emotional and spiritual aspects of living with my eating disorders. I like reading (novels and shojo manga), and you could say I’m hardcore into yarn craft (ie. knitting and crochet.)


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  1. I like your blog. I hope you’ll check out the book I published on my experiences with an eating disorder! http://www.laurasusanneyochelson.com

  2. Charlene May Dulnuan on said:

    I came across your blog when I was looking for the definition of food boundaries. I guess I have to read from when you started. I like your honest, real-deal statements!

    • Excellent! Thanks for reading! I hope you get something out of it! But I will tell you here that for me, food boundaries are hard and fast rules about what I eat (no sugar, grains or starches) and quantities (I use strict portion control). I also only eat 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) I keep these rules no matter what happens. For me, having rules in place and keeping them in the face of anything, clears my head of food obsession.
      I hope this helps!

      • I also don’t eat sugar, grains or starches. However, I still have trouble with compulsion and the desire to eat when not hungry. How did you deal with that?? Would you be willing to share on your portion control. How did you determine how much you eat and what at each meal?. I have no problem with prepping and taking food. I have a lap band that is completely open, but it will restrict eating healthy food – proteins and veg – where I need to stop eating but am hungry a couple hours later.

      • Sorry for the delay. Thank you for commenting.
        For me, only eating 3 meals a day is a huge part of how to manage compulsion. I eat at about the same times every day. I can be flexible, but ultimately 3 meals a day mean there is no eating compulsively. No snacks. There is not even the option to eat compulsively. Also, I must eat *all* of my food at meal times. There is no leaving anything on my plate. That keeps the “diet mentality” at bay. I am not trying to eat less to lose weight. I am eating a set amount of food at each meal so I know I am getting enough and nourishing my body. I have entirely taken the idea of hunger out of the equation.
        As for my portion control, I think the lap band will keep you from doing what I do. I weigh all of my food on a scale. For breakfast I eat 4 ounces of protein (yogurt is double) and 8 ounces of fruit or 1 piece of fruit if it’s something like an apple or orange. For lunch it’s 4 ounces of protein and 1 lb of vegetables with 1/2 ounce fat. For dinner it’s 4 ounces of protein and 20 ounces of vegetables and 1 1/2 ounces of fat.

        If you can’t do what I do, perhaps you should consider having 5 meals a day, but portioned and smaller. 2 ounces of protein at every meal and 4-6 ounces of fruits and vegetables. But for me, taking hunger out of the equation and only eating specific portions at pre-planned meal times has saved my life. It forced me to have a life between my meals. Made my meals guilt-free, and eliminated the possibility of compulsively eating.

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