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One robe one bowl? Yeah…not so much…

This week’s blog is short and sweet.

I am in New Orleans on a spiritual retreat. With two amazing women. Who have boundaries around their eating. And it’s powerful.

Maybe because the most spiritual thing about it is that it is the opposite of ascetic. It is decadent and abundant. It is delicious. Literally and figuratively.

It’s New Orleans! We went out for a fantastic lunch together. We went shopping and bought things that make us feel beautiful. We went to grocery stores and specialty markets. We cooked fantastic meals for each other. And ate them with our fingers. The big activity this evening will be about each of us creating a vision for our future. Big, bright, shiny visions for juicy, squishy, sumptuous futures!

I am not on a diet. Not with food. Not with life. Not with what I deserve or don’t deserve. I am not interested in deprivation. And I know that God is not interested in that for me.

I believe that God wants me to be happy. And that’s why I put boundaries around my food. It’s not a sacrifice. It’s an opportunity. It’s not about less. It’s about more.

How can a girl miss chocolate cake, when she has beautiful clothes for her beautiful body? Or nourishing food and nourishing companions?

When I was 300 lbs, I was never going to be happy. So my only joy was cake. Now my joy is everywhere. Everywhere except in cake.

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