Peace is better than chocolate

Just a short one about being prepared

Another short one for this week.

I just want to talk about being prepared. Again. Because obviously, the world is a crazy place right now.

Our original flight from Florida got cancelled, and we had to spend an extra day in paradise. (Poor me…oh the sarcasm!) But with plans in general so subject to change at this time, I spent the extra time before we left to pack 2 full days worth of meals. I only need the one, but I wanted to be fully prepared and not worry about if my eating boundaries could be met. Packing 2 days meant that if we got to the airport and we could not get a flight out and had to go to a hotel for the night, my food would still be taken care of. And that was a load off of my mind.

I don’t want to be a person who panics in general. And I most definitely don’t want to worry about how I am going to meet my food needs.


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